Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cipher 1/1 to 1/11 in the 20 17

Witches Broom Nebula

Here is the flow from my Facebook status from New Years Day to the Eleventh. The New Year has been welcomed and has taken its seat.  Perhaps these words have a message for those who search to find?  Enjoy!

2017. Welcome to hyperspace.
hy·per·space (noun)
definition: a space of more than three dimensions, i.e. an indirect reference to the multiverse. In science fiction/ quantum factoids - travel in hyperspace (aka hyperdrive) surpasses the speed of light.

L'il mouse, l'il mouse // running amok// lookin' fo' cheese // in a 3D traphouse // Eyes stretched wide // telling ev'rybody he "woke" // not knowing // the literal words flip in Deep Game // to mean // seeing when the eyes are closed!

Under the cover of night, starlight arrives twinkling. Fata Morgana across lakes of deep space, mirages or wrinkles in time?

Wii /shii/ mii meet the Others // on Night Market Street // the Yule crowds thick // the greetings quick // the Future under our feet.

The Drakon of the New Year has appeared. Blue scales about Her neck inflamed with rain.

While the portal is still open // wii/shii/mii be hoping // y'all get to GO & SEE // the reality behind your fantasies

Our Mother // is the gold tincture // heart of black ice // eyelids torn away // Her essence imperishable in the flames

Dare to chase what gives your inner being joy with the intention to catch and embrace it!

Many are the crafts one enters not as student but as apprentice, which cannot be learned only experienced.

T'is the time of year, when the dreaming is clear. Dream on Dreamers!

Wii/shii/mii took a crew through the Wheel in 2016. Opened up with the Kongo show, but along the way most mistook the Real for a Reel. By the final curtain only one was left standing.

Timelines are either separate realities, divergent, or in collision i.e. convergent. When timelines converge or come together one experiences what is called serial phenomena or the cluster effect aka coincidences or Jungian synchroncities. When timelines or parallel realities separate by spinning out information is either transfered or lost. The separation also transfers human awareness from one timeline to another as well ! Some people will retain memories of the events of a previous timeline while others who were never on that time line- will think them mistaken. This "temporal displacement amnesia" is what the media is promoting as the Mandela Effect.

As wii/shii/mii has mentioned in circle, the time of calendar & watch no longer is aligned to the time written in the skies. This began when our solar system passed through the Dark Rift into a different space in the galaxy to begin the Wave /Aquarian Age. 
A second reason why the macrocosm does not accurately reflect the microcosm is man-made. It comes from the phase shift caused by turning on the cyclotrons, particle accelerators and colliders below the surface of the planet which function as time-altering devices. 
One need only use their 5 senses to confirm this.

Emerald City? Nope. Fell asleep on the thing. Too many changes to the old Oz script and none of them good. Two black cardinal witches dead before the second commercial. The Mad Man /Men behind the curtain engineering the Matrix - again. Gee Wiz!!!

Declarations of intent, trumpets // step by step plays // posted on Facebook // absolutely nothing // kept under the hat // up the sleeves or behind the back.

Wii/shii/mii advises 1 break with all previous 3D based Paradigms and "Ologies". Use the outer as a support for the changes which now should occur in 1's inner environs B4 reflecting on the mind's screen as external circumstances.

When a fete has been particularly enjoyed there will be a response. Don't expect it but when such a blessing is received savor it and use the energy well!

Don't solidify the boundaries of differences, such an approach locks one out of the higher dimensions which are in flux as wave / sound / energy states.

Existence is polyphonic, with harmonies and counterbeats. Got to acknowledge both to keep your balance and walk on!

While it is good to tune into the inspiring words of others one must not do so exclusively. One needs to make the journey to the house of their tutelary spirit/ inner self who watches and waits for the visit and a chance to share a tale with them.

The noise on the signal is turned all the way up. Amp feedback that would make Hendrix blush. Yet, nobody says enough is enough, puts on the tinfoil hat, goes to sit in the Faraday Cage or pulls out all the plugs!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wind Doors

People are not seeing certain things in the events around them. If they could identify the root issues their approach would change. Mental and psychological programming, sub-routines and triggers are remote control commands which act as blinders or inhibitors. The people are caught in a time-slip, which has the backdrop or construct of three previous historical eras - superimposed upon one another or merged, First is 1933-1945 Nazi Germany era, second the Cold War 1947-1991 and finally 1954- 1968's the African-American civil rights movement.
The engineering of the group mind to hold this mode or setting is maintained by the frequency output and networking power of "Black Ops" technology which amplifies, modulates and transmits the signals via the satellite array around our planet and directly to the indiviual units of the populus by way of screens large and small from movies, tv, tablets, computer and cell phones.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sun Dogs

According to some stories our Sun like most suns in the multiverse is a binary and has a twin. This was

true for Earth Prime the old Earth some 50 odd years ago, before the ripping of the space-time

continuum which created bridges between dimensions. The appearance of the second sun to the naked

eye was discussed by the late Dr, Delbert Blair. Today our current Earth has a third sun visible at certain

locations during specific times and from the larger observatories. People who see the third sun call it a

"sun dog" and this is said to be a trick of the eyes, an optical illusion. The name for this phenomena

is parhelia. The suns appear in a horizontal line within a luminous 22 degree ring called a halo.