Thursday, May 20, 2010

After the Apocalypse

You already KNOW what time it is. The Old is being destroyed; old ways of thinking, old systems, old economics, and dysfunctional hierarchies. Along with the destruction of mental and political controls comes the falling apart of our physical infrastructures and bio-systems.

It is hard to face that what we are seeing around us has more destructive power than any weapons of mass destruction. We are losing land mass, salt and fresh waters and clean air. Our crops are being reduced each season by weather the likes of which even the Elders have not seen.

The "raft" of consensus reality is being tossed about as if in a great storm, while most look away. The Bible said the time after "the end" is the tribulation. We are in that time now. The "Time of No Time," the transitional phase after the epoch collapse (apocalypse) and before the restart button is pushed.

As our Mothership is being rendered fallow, i.e. unable to reproduce and sustain life, it is game over for sentient beings in this solar/sun system. The impulse of life continues and will move on. How far depends on whether you have activated your own "soul/solar boat" or astral vehicle, having previously prepared it for interstellar travel.

No boat? No hope! Your atomic signature or "dust" will remain connected to a dead planet's surface. Ashes to ashes- dust to dust.


The Golden Compass/Northern Lights. written by Philip Pullman. (His Dark Materials Trilogy)